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  • Field: Education

    What Should Education Teach?

    W.E.B. Du Bois was the first African American to earn a doctorate from Harvard. He fought for African American rights and cofounded the NAACP. Du Bois sought social, …

  • Field: English

    This week our discussion is going to focus on Communication and Technology of YWCA of New York City.

    Part 1: Please evaluate how your client (YWCA) communicates with its customers. …

  • Field: English

    leadership class, before u write see the first word doc file, and then check the instruction, need 300 words

  • Field: Law - Criminal

    What would constitute an effective screening, hiring, and training program for protection professionals? Do you think drug screening and background checks should be mandated by the state?

  • Field: Information Systems

    Select a topic from the following list on which you would like to conduct an in-depth investigation. The research
    paper is valued at 100 points:
    • …

  • Field: Computer Science

    Discuss,in500words,you can take any american company and how will you advise them to use encryption to reduce the vulnerabilities oftheir data at rest,in …

  • Field: Computer Science

    Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss how organizations have faced the challenges that incident handlers are challenged with in identifying incidents when resources have been …

  • Field: Psychology

    I NEED A 2 PAGE ESSAY. 2 REFERENCE BIBLE REFERENCE AND Entwistle, David N.Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity book has to be use.

    It will be the essay call Colonialism …

  • Field: Education

    Please read the attached article and write only two reasonable and good questions about the article in general or about specific parts. You have to provide from where you wrote these questions( page …

  • Field: Business Finance - Economics
  • Field: Human Resource Management

    Week 9 and Week 10 Discussions (Due Saturday 02/23)

    Week 10Assignment 3: 1 page paper and 6-8 Page Paper (Due 02/28)

  • Field: Computer Science


    Using a Web browser, perform some research on a newer malware variant that has been reported by a major malware containment vendor. Using a search engine, go to the vendorís Web site; this …

  • Field: English

    Civility on the Internet
    The internet offers anonymity, and anonymity changes the way in which we present ourselves. Many individuals, acting behind the veil of a screen, say things and do things …

  • Field: English - Article writing

    Your submission will be checked for similarity through Turnitin. This submission will not store your paper in the Turnitin repository. Therefore, this submission will not impact your …

  • ASAP

    Field: Business Finance - Management

    Option #1: Stock Analysis and Recommendation Project

    In this Portfolio Project, you will be analyzing a firm and submitting its name in Module 2 (see the Module 2 folder to read about this Portfolio …

  • Field: Business & Finance - Marketing

    This week's discussion focuses on Chapters 12 and 13:Services Marketing and Global Marketing.Following your review of the material from the chapter …

  • Field: Computer Science

    Use a searchengine to find the names of five different cyberviruses.

    Using WORD, write a short paragraph on each with total of 500 words or more.

  • Field: Law - Criminal

    Federal Declarations are often made only after an initial damage assessment is completed in order to determine whether specific thresholds have been met. This survey is typically conducted by teams …

  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    Option #1: Bond Valuation and Yields

    Below are four bond problems that you must solve. Enter your answer and supporting calculations into a Word document and submit it. You will need to use a …

  • Field: Psychology

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