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  • Field: Business Finance - Accounting

    During week 4 you were asked to find a publicly traded manufacturing company. For our week six discussion board post I would like you to select the same company. Go to their website and read about …

  • Field: Earth Science - Geography

    Reading 2: Externalities and the Ubiquity of Market Failure

    Rod Hill & Tony Myatt

    1. On page 154, the authors Rod Hill and Tony Myatt write: ‘[Externalities] threaten to make the planet …

  • Field: Business & Finance - Marketing

    a 2,500 word report is due that consists of a very brief marketing plan for either the business you wish to start, or an existing business of your choosing

    The plan must contain the following …

  • Field: Computer Science

    proposal for your final project here. Your proposal must contain at least 500 words. Explain what your subject is and why it is important. Your final project is a 20 slide .ppt with …

  • Field: Business & Finance

    There are 4 questions need to be answer in 4 pages, please check the attachment to start the assignment.

  • Field: English

    tell a real story. 2 pages.

  • Field: Computer Science

    After reading through your assignments this week, you are to pick a topic of interest that was mentioned in the reading assignment. Using the Jerry Falwell Library and other scholarly resources, you …

  • Field: Computer Science

    Discuss,in500words,how you would advise your current employer to use encryption to reduce the vulnerabilities oftheir data at rest,in use,and in …

  • 111

    Field: Biology
  • Field: English

    Assignment: Write a literary essay (1,000-1,200 words) based on the memoir Greetings From Bury Park by Sarfraz Manzoor.


  • Field: Human Resource Management

    I need help with preparing a web post and 3 responses. Post and responses are explained below:

    Write a web post on Designing Team and Team Identity:
    Part 1:Think about how to build teams in …

  • Field: English

    Critique this argument MLA style


  • Field: Business Finance - Economics

    two Questions are attached.

  • Field: Reading

    write a three page, space and a half, 1-inch margins critical and reflective paper for article. Support with at least two additional outside sources. follow APA format.

  • Field: Information Systems

    Develop a Complete Disaster Recovery Plan to be submitted to the executive board of your company.

    Please note that this is a formal writing, all references (peer-reviewed) mostly must be cited …

  • Field: Physics

    Can you write a lab report that needs some basic physics knowledge?

  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    There are quite some backup types, and terms used when it comes to backups of one's digital content. The following is a collection of the most common types of backup:

    1. Local Backup: A local backup …

  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    The best reinforcement procedure is having a standard where you will never can free a more prominent number of information that you can make inside your picked reinforcement rehash. Your hard drive …

  • Field: Political Science

    same instruction

  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    Describe and discuss at least two backup strategies. Discuss the use of cloud backup strategies, as well?

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