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  • Field: Chemistry
    Due: in a day

    Hello guys I want someone to take my online CHEM class ..!

    but YOU have to lab factory to do the experiment! so if YOU willing to help me let me know it's ORGINC CHEM

  • Field: Computer Science
    Due: in a day
  • Field: Business Finance - Management
    Due: in 20 hours

    Students are expected to read each article and share a concise but thoughtful response to the two discussions. Each reply requir 300+ words.

  • Field: History
    Due: in a day

    i did wrong answers in some questions about vietnam war. I need you help to get the correct answers. Some extra reading will be needed for you

  • Field: Computer Science
    Due: in a day

    I need solution please follow details and sample change own words.please check attachment

  • Field: Business Finance - Accounting
    Due: in a day

    Complete the annual report workbook. The company is Coca-Cola.

    Chapter 2 and 3 should be finished before Monday 7.am, and chapter 3-6 is due to December 1st.

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