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  • Field: Computer Science
  • Field: Business Finance - Management
  • Field: English - Article writing

    I need some English work done can you help me

  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    Assignment 1: Job Description Due Week 3 and worth 200 points A new position has been approved for creation; this position will be eligible for full benefits and may even need to be sent to …

  • Field: Education

    Assignment 2: What Is the Field of Consulting?

    As you know, there may be times when an organization needs help. This help could be to improve an existing process or to launch a new initiative. …

  • Field: Applied Sciences

    1 page need in 2 hours

  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    By any measure, Chipotle Mexican Grill was a success story in the restaurant business. It grew from one location in 1993 to over 2,000 locations by 2016 and essentially created the fast casual …

  • Field: Law

    Discussion Board 1

    The courts are able to distinguish between an employee and independent contractor based on these facts. An employee will have a contractual …

  • Field: English - Article writing

    Read two short source excerpts and the mini paper is on those two short sources.

  • Field: Applied Sciences

    Discussion of topic one should be at least 300 words for a total of two pages. Be thoughtful, creative, and work to advance the Discussion.

  • Field: Psychology

    Assignment 1:Speech Acquisition

    You have learned about the different aspects of memory in the previous modules. Language is critical not only to communicate with others but also to memory. …

  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    Assignment 1: Stolen Credit Card

    Lori received a credit card in the mail from a company that had taken her name and address from a white pages directory without her knowledge. Upset about the …

  • Field: Psychology

    350 words

  • Field: Human Resource Management


    I need help with this research worksheet.

  • Field: Nursing

    Identify three professional nursing organizations that interest you. Provide a brief summary of their purpose, requirements, and any differences in focus, population, scope, or intent. How do these …

  • Field: Nursing

    Advanced registered nursing graduates are entering the profession at dynamic time when roles and scope of practice are shifting based on developments in legislation and policy in response to the …

  • Field: Education

    Need Help With Week Two Assignment #1

  • Field: Information Systems

    Chapter 6 presented the approach the LEGO Group used to implement ERM, and chapter 9 presented a discussion and case study on implementing ERM in a higher education environment. Please explain how …

  • Field: Law - Criminal

    Topic: Police Subculture

    Thread: Discuss the 2 roles of police officers: the public servant and the crime fighter. Utilize current research to explain why some people may believe police …

  • Field: Business Finance - Operations Management

    Research Paper Outline Assignment For this assignment, you will develop a framework to outline your research paper for this course that will be due in week 6. For this …

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