Discrete math problem

Question: Describe some of the techniques that have been devised to help people solve Sudoku puzzles without the use of a computer.


Writing Assignments Requirements Each writing assignment is worth 20 pointsshould include the following sections:

Background (3 points): This is a discussion of how thenon-­‐mathematical and mathematical portions of your topic fit together. You might include a historical background of the topic, definitions of terms, the discrete mathematic sideas that are addressed(e.g. induction, logical fallacy, etc.), and some explanation about why these ideas were useful.

Examples (10 points): In most of your writing assignments you are asked to discuss and describe an aspect of discrete mathematics. Give two of three examples or techniques of the topic under discussion. Give generalinformation and also specific examples of the topic.

Bibliography(2 points): List the references you used to complete this report. Just list title and author for any books and articles you used. You should also include a list of people that you consultedor any other form of help that you received. For example, you might obtain some of your information from the internet; in this case, you could include the website.You'll need at least one bookor articleas a reference, preferably two, and a total of at least two references.

You'll notice that there are still 5 points unaccounted for. The remaining 5 points are for style: clarity, neatness, flow, design, organization and creativity-­‐-­‐it's important to be able to communicate your ideas.Note:you don't haveto put your report in the precise order given above. You may prefer to use the assigned problems to illustrate how the ideas of the subject fit together with the mathematical ideas that you will be using, in which case Background and Exampleswould be interwoven. Just make sure that these aspects appear in your report.