Written Assignments

• Each written assignment has its own point values and instructions. • All assignments must be typed using 10 -12 point fonts and 1" margins, double-

spaced, and follow standard conventions of grammar and syntax. Please use Spell Check before turning in your papers.

• Please be sure to label your assignments properly. Include your name, lesson name, and title of assignment. If it is an extra credit assignment, make sure to put the title of the EC assignment and the possible point value.

• If you used internet websites for research, you MUST cite your sources. • After submitting your paper to the Turnitin dropbox inside of Blackboard, please

read the Originality Report and make any necessary changes then re-submit your paper. All papers must be under 5%, excluding quotes. Also, remember I can only open files with the extensions: .doc, .rtf, .txt, .pdf. I will not grade any assignment that is not saved as one of these file types. I cannot open Files created using Microsoft Works (.wps files). Files sent to me saved in this format, will receive no grade.

• To read more about Turnitin dropboxes click: Using the Turnitin dropboxes inside of Blackboard and understanding Originality Reports.

• If for some reason you miss the homework due date, contact me immediately by email. You must turn in ALL ASSIGNMENTS to pass the class.

Any documents not using these standards will not be graded.