performance appraisal


Week 9, Assignment 2 Workforce Diversity and Performance Appraisal HIF410

The first step in this assignment is to read the following article on Mending the Generation Gap: How to Manage Diverse Perspectives in a Five-Generation HIM Department by Lisa A. Eramo:


You are a new director in a 40-employee HIM Department. Your employees service Transcription, Chart Analysis, Coding and Cancer Registry operational functions of your department. You have three managers who supervise the day-to-day operation of the department and who are the direct supervisors of the employees.

You have a diverse group of employees, representing all generations. One of the first things you did when arriving at your job was to ask all employees to fill out a survey. In the survey you included a question asking the employees what they would change about the department if they could. You received multiple responses relating the director before you did not address a growing need for the individuals in the department to respect the diverse perspectives of all employees present in the work environment. In fact, what the employees shared with you is an overall culture in the department of intense dislike of others based upon little tolerance for the generational differences. The employees also shared they see this as divisive in their daily work and over time it has become a severe impediment to the department’s overall success. Some employees have also shared the department morale in HIM is at an all-time low because of the daily conflict and the problems being visible to other departments in the hospital.

You ask for a meeting with your direct supervisor, the Chief Information Officer of the hospital. In this meeting, you ask your supervisor if you have their support in drafting a plan of action on addressing this problem. If your plan is approved by your supervisor, you will implement your plan of action as soon as possible.

Assignment Deliverables

Part #1 Using the article included above, and any other credible references you wish for substantiation, how would you construct a plan of action?

Part #2 Assuming the performance appraisal (Fig 22.5) on pg. 711 of the Oachs textbook is the current performance appraisal instrument used by Human Resources for the employees in your department in the above scenario, how could you incorporate the objectives of your plan of action in the appraisal so your employees will now have a higher level of accountability for their actions and behaviors?

Use APA style with citations and a reference list for any information you include from other sources. This assignment is worth 30 points. Attach the Word document to the assignment link in Canvas.