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Barbara Maclure

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Health Disease and Promotion

Steps that is important in planning an effective health promotion program

In order to have an effective health promotion program (reduction of unprotected sexual behavior among teenagers), it is important to ensure that workplace promotion program is suiting the needs of the targeted individuals. The first step while carrying out health promotion within the community is ensuring that there is backing from the community leaders, parents, and that majority of the teenagers are prepared and ready to participate in the program. This is important in ensuring that there is a commitment to the program (Sharma, 2016).

The next step is determining the expectations as well as the objectives of the health promotion program. This step is involving the process of identifying the needs of teenagers with regard to the issue of unprotected sexual behaviors and how the program can benefit them. The third step is making a decision on the type of person who will be responsible for the coordination of the workplace health program so that the plan is effectively performed to achieve the set objectives. Planning on how the health program will be addressing the set goals is another important step as it helps in the identification of the suitable methods to be used during the promotion of the health program. Other steps include identification of the resources and the skills required, the mechanism of implementing the program, and monitoring while at the same time making a review to the program (Eldredge, Kay, Ruiter, Kok, Fernandez, & Parcel, 2016).

The goals and objectives of the program

One of the objectives is to improve the teenager's sexual and reproductive health. Other goals include educating teenagers on the benefits of unprotected sexual intercourse; Improving the understanding of the teenagers on the unprotected sex; prevention of adolescence pregnancies; and reduction of the risks related to unprotected sexual intercourse among teenagers.

Individuals in the planning committee

The individuals in the committee include the selected parents, few healthcare providers within the specified locations, religious leaders, area leaders, and one of the heads in the department of the health ministry in the region or state. Area leaders will be important in giving the location of the areas being targeted and ensuring that there is an effective mobilization of teenagers. Parents will be important in the program because they are the close individuals to these teenagers and their understandings on the program will be helpful in reducing unprotected sexual related risks among teenagers in the future. Religious leaders will provide spiritual support and offer religious guidance to teenagers while using some verses from the bible. Healthcare providers will be important in ensuring that teenagers are welcomed when they visit hospitals to be tested for sexually transmitted infections. Head from the ministry of health will provide statistical data which raises alarm on the increasing issue of the sexually transmitted infections thus motivating teenagers to change their sexual behaviors.


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