Research Proposal Draft


Running head: METHODOLOGY 1



Ram Pandey

South University



This research will be conducted in three countries; Nigeria and India as developing countries and Switzerland as a developing nation. Data from the study will be retrieved from the most recent Demographic Health Surveys of the following countries: Switzerland – a developed country, and India and Nigeria – developing countries. All the data that will be obtained will be represented of the respective countries. A semi-structured questionnaire will be used to get information from the eligible mothers and study design and methods will be uniform for each nation. Therefore, a survey with a tiered structure shall be conducted and the eligible sample participants will be nested in households, and households included in primary sampling units and regions (Olorunsaiye & Degge, 2016).

The sample population will only be women of reproductive age (15-49 years old), and resided in the selected household or had visited and slept in the household the day before the survey. A total of 17, 789 women will be included in the survey.

Women whose children will not have immunization records will not be involved in the survey. Additionally, data from strata which will be comprised of single primary sampling units will not be included in the survey.

Sampling Strategy

The survey will employ a two-stage stratified sampling technique that will be applied to draw a sample of households as well as individuals from primary sampling units. The population sizes in the particular regions of the survey shall be estimated. The extent to which immunization has to be done and the prevalence of the kinds of diseases vaccinated against will be determined and the desired level of confidence (Olorunsaiye & Degge, 2016). By using a two-stage stratified sampling technique, sampling will take place at two different stages. Sampling will start by …