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7/18/2019 WEEK 5 DISCUSSION 5.2: Option 1 & 2 - HUMN 100 7382 Introduction to Humanities (2195) 1/3

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WEEK 5 DISCUSSION 5.2: Option 1 & 2 Steven Pillman posted Jul 15, 2019 11:17 PM Subscribe

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Romeo and Juliet is a story that consist of many literary themes that can be identified. The theme I chose to write about is a dysfunctional society. The two teenaged lovers, Romeo and Juliet, fall in love at first sight but had to remain distant due to the rivalry feud amongst their families. The citizens of Verona are furious by the constant out breaks of violence between the two families. Prince Escalus, the ruler, tries to prevent further conflict by implementing a punishment of death to any individual that disturbs the peace. It is because of this dysfunctional setting that Romeo and Juliet had to interact with each other without being seen. They got married in a private setting then Juliet is destined to be married to another man a few days later. The climax of the story involves Juliet temporarily faking her death to get out of the other marriage. Romeo finds out about her death but believes it’s real, this results in him taking his own life due to not being able to live without Juliet. Juliet awakes from her fake death and sees that Romeo has killed himself. She takes Romeo’s dagger and takes her own life. I wonder if Romeo and Juliet openly confessed their love for each other, could there have been a chance for the two families to reconcile their rivalry.

The movie, “Romeo Must Die”, is an action drama that is a modern day spin-off of Shakespear’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Kung Fu action star Jet Li plays an ex-cop, Han Sing, who is jailed in Hong Kong for a crime he didn’t commit. His father is a top figure of a Chinese gang and later in the movie it explains that Han had taken the

7/18/2019 WEEK 5 DISCUSSION 5.2: Option 1 & 2 - HUMN 100 7382 Introduction to Humanities (2195) 2/3

blame for his father’s actions. Han escapes prison to seek revenge in America after being informed about his brother’s death. In the beginning of the movie there was a flashback scene that showed Han and his brother as young toddlers. It really emphasized the bond they shared as family and how much he meant to him. American singer Aaliyah stars as Trish O’Day, the daughter of the top figure in the opposing gang of Americans. When Han arrives in San Francisco, he hot wires a stolen taxi to start his investigation of his brother’s death. Trish enters the stolen vehicle to get away from one of her father’s henchmen who was ordered to watch her. Their first interaction seemed more of a comedic flirtatious setting. Trish would joke about him being a terrible Asian driver and that he must know Kung Fu. Han jokes back stating it’s a law in his country to know Kung Fu and that he can pull over if she does not like his driving. I did not feel that it remained truthful to the “Love at first sight” vibe that original play is known for, although it did create that foreseeable future.

Han and Trish share similar qualities of Romeo and Juliet. They are each members of opposing groups and conflicts arise due to their forbidden interactions. Multiple loss of lives occur in the movie and play due to the love connection between the main characters. I feel that both displayed the pursuit of love, despite the consequences that it comes with.

In the movie I felt that it focused on revenge more, rather than love. It revolved around death of Han’s brother and seeking answers for it. There were many entertaining fight scenes that were edited to look even more intense. In one of the fight scenes Han and Trish were engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a female Chinese individual. At the end of the fight, the attacker fell on a piece of metal that punctured her chest. Before the impact it cut in to a computer graphics cinematic scene that created the illusion. The play had many conflicts because of the love affair but it felt like the conflicts were building that love story.

The film made it relevant to modern society by implementing gun violence, hip hop, dancing, and Kung Fu style fighting. There are two ethnicities, African American and Chinese, both which are at war with each other. Before Han’s brother was killed, he was at a club that was predominantly African American. He was receiving angry looks of disgust from everyone, it felt like he was not welcomed there due to his ethnicity and family background. Han’s and Trish’s love for each other broke this threshold and creates a positive image relating to modern society. It portrays that in order for society to flourish, we should come together and respect one another.