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Week 1 Discussion Topic 2:


Safe Assign Info:

SafeAssign Check Guidelines

To upload an original post or assignment, click the title Plagiarism Checks (Weeks 1-8) above. You have unlimited attempts to upload your original drafts, return to check your SafeAssign score, fix your draft if needed, and resubmit the corrected document by selecting the START NEW button. Once you press START NEW, you no longer have access to the previous documents or their SafeAssign scores.  So, save those if you need a record to refer to as you make further corrections. 

After you have submitted your final version of the draft for the week you are in and you are satisfied with the SafeAssign score and your corrections, copy that same version of the original post or assignment, return to the discussion or assignment for the week you are in, and select the link there to paste your original post into the discussion forum so your classmates and instructor can read it.

The final check for plagiarism for your written assignments will be done when you submit your assignments.

All posts (both initial and responses) must be substantial (several paragraphs each) and each of your initial posts must be supported by 3 peer reviewed authoritative sources, not including the textbook, cited properly in APA format. Responses should have proper support with at least 1 different source as applicable.  

Since you are all familiar with Safe Assign, we will use that as the basis for this discussion.  As you know when you run a paper or post through the program it will show you the "results" of similar work that are stored in a number of databases.  In other words, your data is being analyzed and reports are generated.  What conclusions can you draw from the reports that are presented?  How do you know if your conclusions are accurate?  Could there be any bias …