Disseminating the EBP Project


Assignment 5: Disseminating the EBP Project Grading Rubric

For this assignment you will prepare a scholarly product that reports the results and implications of your project to designed audience. The scholarly product for dissemination reports the results and implications of your project to a specified audience. Your scholarly product may be in the form of a project summary and evaluation report, poster presentation, program evaluation report, or a media or technology-based deliverable; your scholarly product must include the following:

Background, Purpose, and Nature of the Project (2 points)

· Describe the larger problem or issue you explored in your EBP project. Identify your practice-focused question.

· Explain how this problem or issue affects nursing practice and the overall health care system and

· Describe how your EBP project explored possible strategies for addressing the problem or issue.

· Evidence (2 points)

· Identify the practice setting and context in which you conducted your project.

· The summary of the evidence supporting the project.

· The process for implementation.

· The Evaluation.

· Presentation of Results (2 points)

· Explain the results of your EBP project

· The recommendations for change that you made to the organization.