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Website Plan for “Cloudtunes”


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Web Design & Development


1. Website Purpose Statement

The main reason for the website is to play and produce music and display music-related content. The main focus of the website is to display and spread the channels of music that can easily be played, uploaded, downloaded and generated through the website. The website aims to introduce new artists to encourage raw talent to be promoted on the platform. The central idea is to include any content that is based upon music from all bounds. There should be an inclusion of all music genres.

2. Target Audience and Needs Assessment

The targeted audience represents the segments of music lovers who look for music playlists and videos. The website targets the audience that is interested in finding all kinds and categories of music on one website. The website provides convenience to the audience by including a wide range of diverse music groups that meets the demands and requirements of all kinds of music admirers.

3. Website Page Plan

The website will be represented by the domain , with efficient maintenance of the network for bandwidth in terms of handling the traffic that visits the website daily. The website will be designed with posters regarding the latest music promotions video based content to keep the users updated on what is being launched next. The layout of the website will be simpler so that users find it convenient to access music.

4. Value Added Content

Apart from making wide music phenomena, the website also aims to encourage the promotion and sharing of quality content that is not only for listening but for educational purposes as well. The website abides by the rationales of ethics and moral principles and respects the tastes of all users. Therefore, the website ensures that in the process there is no form of discrimination promoted that intends to harm particular sets of beliefs.