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Elements of Art

Elements of Art

Example of an Image of Artwork in 2D

Dori Horn - Freshman - Design A-Z - 2012-2013 - Introduction to  Two-Dimensional Art | Art, Artwork, Painting

Dori Hon-Freshman, Design A-Z, created between 2012 and 2013


A line can be defined as a continuous dot. It can be seen in a piece of art as a linear impression that shows the beginning and end of an object (Willet et al., 2018). Subsequently, it is used to indicate the outlines of items found in pieces of art and their primary shapes.

Shape and Motion

Shape alludes to the creation of an impression that is enclosed in a two-dimensional setting. It is created using lines to enclose a space (Willet et al., 2018). In a two-dimensional artwork, it is modified by linking one object to adjacent ones. On the other hand, motion refers to the depiction of movement in an image. It can be seen in an artwork as a sense of action that is created using wavy or circular types of lines


Light is artwork refers to a feature used to show the distinctiveness of an image. It is seen as the strokes used to highlight pictures by contrasting dark and light hues to bring out an object's outlines distinctively (Willet et al., 2018). It enhances the shape and form of an image.


Color is the reflection that is seen when rays of light hit an object. In artwork, it is seen as the pigments or hues that define an item. Colors come in different shades and strengths, hence giving a piece of art meaning (Willet et al., 2018). For instance, while some colors make an image appear warm, others make it dull.

Texture and Pattern

Texture in artwork refers to an illusion of roughness in its contents. Texture is seen in painting as lines manipulated to show roughness, for example, by crisscrossing them. Subsequently, it can also be created by using several layers of paint of different consistencies to develop a sense of roughness (Willet et al., 2018). Consequently, the pattern alludes to the recurrence of similar impressions severally in the same image. It can be seen in artwork as lines or shapes that follow a similar trend or rhythm.


Space elucidates a blank region that is surrounded by the markings of an outline. In artwork, it is seen as various lines and shadings created using varying tones depending on the impression that an artist is trying to develop (Willet et al., 2018). For instance, in 2D pictures, it is depicted as receding lines.

Time and Motion

In artwork, time represents the transition from one space of existence to another. It is created by depicting a sense of motion using various lines that recede to infinity (Willet et al., 2018). Colors are also used to emphasize time and movement by beginning with light shades and moving into darker tones.


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