Religion: good or bad for society?


Must pick a topic from list of assigned topics

Have at least three reasons to justify your position (but not more than five)

Have a separate paragraph (between the intro and body) to give some additional context/background of the issue

Requirements of Essay 2


Body - explain & defend reasons with evidence

Have a separate paragraph between body and conclusion that contains two counterarguments

Concluding paragraph will be just the solution (no summary!)

Requirements of Essay 2 (cont’d)

Length: 6-8 pages (not counting Works Cited)

Length starts with first word of intro para (NOT top of first page)

Requirements of Essay 2 (cont’d)

Formatting (MLA)

6 pages = 6 full pages and 5 lines on page 7

8 pages = 8 full pages and 5 lines on page 9

Intro (1 para, 5-10 lines): Any intro technique(s) and thesis

Background (1 para, 5-10 lines): Any two history/background techniques

Body (multiple paras, each one 5-18 lines): Explain reasons with evidence

Counterarguments (1 para, no more12 lines): Two counterarguments and their responses

Conclusion (1 para, 10-18 lines): Solution (no summary)

Outline of Essay 2

Requirements of Essay 2 (cont’d)

You must have at least 6 online sources in the essay.

These must be DCCCD academic database sources.

Once you have these, you may add additional sources.

If the additional sources are apart from the database, they must be reliable.

Requirements of Essay 2 (cont’d)

Each of your body paras must contain at least one outside source.

Your background para must contain at least one outside source.

You are free to use a source/sources in the intro, counterarguments, or conclusion para, but they are not required.

Requirements of Essay 2 (cont’d)

Any numerical data must be from 2015 onwards

Have balance among reasons

Requirements of Essay 2 (cont’d)

For the 6 required database sources (you must quote something from them, not simply paraphrase.

After you …