Religion: good or bad for society?


Purpose: To provide some additional context to your issue

Should include only 2 of the following techniques…

How long the issue has been in existence (origins of the issue)

What parts of the world/country are most affected by the issue

Background Paragraph

Any significant rulings/laws related to the issue

Any significant event(s) related to the issue

Dictionary/official definitions of any key concepts/terms

Any significant person/people/groups involved with the issue

Background Para (cont’d)

Do not repeat anything already mentioned in intro

No personal experience in this para

Length: 5-10 lines

Background Para (cont’d)

Responding to the points made by the opposing side

Shows you have thought about the issue from different viewpoints/ angles before coming to your decision.



Also shows you recognize “flaws” or “weaknesses” in your own position but that you still think your position is the better one

We cannot address all counterarguments – must address only two

Counterarguments (cont’d)


Format of Counterarguments

Each counterarguments has two parts - stating the counterargument

- your response to it

Must use the exact wording given for both sections to get credit for it

State the counterargument:

- My opponents* may say/argue that….

*[those on the other side, those who disagree with me, proponents of the counter position, those who are for/against, those with a different point of view]

Format of Counterarguments

Respond to the counterargument:

- However, I would respond by saying that…

If you want to use outside sources in counterarguments, you can, but it is not required

Format of Counterarguments

Location & Length of Counterarguments

Both counterarguments will be in one paragraph, between the body and conclusion.

This paragraph should not exceed 12 lines

I. Do not make an argument without proposing a solution