Three social work notes needed. In DAP, SOAP, and PIE.


Three Notes

Read the below scenario and imagine you are having THREE sessions with the client below.

Write the case notes for each session that you have with the client one in each format PIE,

DAP, and SOAP.

PIE notes, which means the note will cover section that include (Problem), (Intervention), and (Effectiveness or Evaluation). DAP is an acronym for Data, Assessment, and Plan. It is a simple and comprehensive template to help organize your notes. It is important to recognize that a DAP note is a progress note, not a personal psychotherapy note. The SOAP note (an acronym for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) is a method of documentation employed by healthcare providers to write out notes in a patient's chart, along with other common formats, such as the admission note

Jack or Jackie?

Jack is a 15-year-old white male. He is a freshman at the local high school. He doesn't normally

get into any trouble at the high school. He plays the guitar. He used to be in the band, and he

used to sing choir when he was in grade school, but when he left middle school he left all school

activities behind. He has been referred to you because he was suspended from school for

possession of pot and smoking pot in a car on the parking lot school. When you meet him, his

mother brings him. She reports that she and her husband have been married for 20 years. They

have Jack, and they have Jack's older brother named David. David is 19 and attending school at a

community college learning how to be a mechanic. Jack has no plans on going to college at this

point. Mom is a school teacher. She teaches English as a second language at one of the local

public school districts different from the one she lives in and that Jack goes to, and her husband

is an auto mechanic working in someone else's garage but is trying to save up enough money to

start his own garage. There have been no problems at home before this, …