business analytics Rstudio presentation


Final Exam Approach Presentation Template

Team Member 1

Team Member 2

Business Analytics

Prof. Hemang Subramanian


Introduction – Problem Statement

The Dataset (Columns, distributions, missing data, any other stats) – 1 – 2 slides

Approach – 3 slides

Chosen Algorithms for solving the problem (e.g if you choose kmeans state the options, if you choose hclust, diana or agnes, choose and state the options).

Why did you choose this?

Any initial results with a subset of the data you could show?

Introduction (Chosen Problem)

List your problem statement here…….

Your interpretation (if any) of the problem statement…

The Dataset

Include output from R either as tables or screenshots here….

…..Include output from R/Graphs/Charts etc..

The Dataset (Optional)

Approach 1

We plan to use kmeans/hclust/diana/agnes/Bayesian classification based clustering with the following options……..

Our results will indicate …………

From our results we will be able to …..

Approach (Optional)

Our initial results are as follows…..





In then next 10 days we plan to ..





Final report submitted by …