Technology Check for MATH 117 Test 2 F2020 Name ________________________ Answer the questions below, then submit your paper through Blackboard.

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1. Here are some symbols you may need during your test. Copy and paste to answer the questions below.

• σ ρ µ α s ≠ ± x̅ p̂ p H₀ Hₐ Which symbol represents the population mean?______ Which symbol represents the sample mean?______ Which symbol represents a sample proportion?______ Which symbol represents a population standard deviation?______ Which symbol represents the null hypothesis?______

2. Here is the original two-way table from the student survey data. Fill in the empty cells.

Smoking data by gender Female Male Total

Smoke 16 25 Does not smoke 153 166


3. The FloridaLakes dataset includes 53 observations on 12 variables including the pH (acidity) of a sample of 53 Florida lakes. a) Log onto StatKey and prepare to create a bootstrap confidence interval for a mean. b) Use the drop-down menu to load the FloridaLakes pH data. c) Determine a 90% confidence interval for the mean pH of all Florida lakes. Write your interval

using the correct notation. (____________, ___________)

  1. Name:
  2. Symbol1:
  3. Symbol2:
  4. Symbol3:
  5. Symbol4:
  6. Symbol5:
  7. Total:
  8. Subtotal1:
  9. Subtotal2:
  10. Subtotal3:
  11. Subtotal4:
  12. Lowerlimit:
  13. Upperlimit: