Need part of assignment written. Software related. Need good quality writing.


To write part of a literature review on seepage/flow through an embankment (an embankment is a soil body, sometimes reinforced, that holds back water from susceptible areas). I need 2000-3000 words on the effectiveness of finite element analysis/modelling (fem) of flow/seepage through an embankment using software known as Plaxis 2D. An analysis on the compatibility of this type of modelling with field testing. Field testing such as the use of Piezometers to measure pore pressure and that measurement accuracy compared to the accuracy of the same parameters calculated in Plaxis 2D. The calculation of pore pressure variation, and other parameters, over three phases of simulated flow conditions (storm event simulations) is an example of a parameter to compare field testing with Plaxis 2D modelling.

Also need some discussion on how variables such as embankment compaction density and soil properties, different layers of soil, and how these variables can be best determined for Plaxis 2D to generate accurate results with respect to embankment design and analysis of existing embankments subject to audit. Just to be clear, the results we are measuring with the model are ‘pore pressure variation’ and likelihood of water breaching the embankment based on different design cases of embankments with different soil properties. The geometry of the embankment models will remain the same throughout. Just parameters will be varied.

Also try to make a comparison of the accuracy of Plaxis 2D when it comes to predicting embankment breach of failure compared to what actually will happen in real life.

This task needs to be referenced. About 8-12 references please. More is fine.