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Final Project Case Scenario: EPA Vs. A1 Uranium, Clinton Chemicals, and ChurchHill Unlimited Chemicals.

In 1988, three companies sought to open plants in the state of South Carolina. These plants would produce hazardous chemicals along with 100% uranium for use in nuclear weapons. The three companies were A1 Uranium, Clinton Chemicals, and an international company called ChurchHill Unlimited Chemicals.

The three companies sought a certification from the state agency for full operation within a 20- mile radius of restaurants and office buildings. The companies were provided certification by the state to do so. When the construction of the plant was completed, the companies began moving the necessary equipment into the plant.

During the process a truck that was transporting toxic material began leaking. This was noticed by a pedestrian, but the pedestrian never told anyone about the leak. A child who was playing in the vicinity dropped the ball in the waste. The child’s mother unknowingly picked the ball from the waste and returned it to her child to play. Two days later both mother and child became sick along with others who had stepped on the waste.

In addition, the fumes from the plants were nauseating and caused some of the employees to vomit and have dizzy spells. An important thing to note here is the fact that the staff at the plant noticed the leak each time the truck came into the area, but none took the initiative to correct the problem. One of the citizens who got sick contacted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The citizen asked the EPA to investigate the illnesses that were affecting the people.