Management Accounting Consultancy Report


Suggested Format for a Management Consultancy Report


• Cover page

• Executive summary (1 page maximum) • Table of contents

• Introduction (½ - 1 page maximum)

• Overview of your main recommendations (1 page maximum)

o Best displayed in bullet point form o Provides a summary of your main recommendations. These are elaborated upon in the

main body of the report • Discussion

o Use sub-headings • Conclusion (½ - 1 page maximum) • References

• Appendices

A word of warning!

Every semester students tend to treat the executive summary, introduction, recommendations and conclusion sections of the assignment as unimportant. They focus almost exclusively on the discussion section and leave these sections until the last minute, when they are inevitably put together hastily. Unfortunately the assignment overall suffers and a large amount of marks are lost.

These sections are very important to the overall cohesiveness and ‘readability’ of the report. They set the scene for the reader (executive summary, introduction, recommendations) and leave the lasting impression (conclusion). Therefore, it is of the upmost importance that you understand what each of the above sections should comprise of as there will be marks attached to demonstration of this understanding in the assignment. Therefore, make sure to carefully consider what should be included within the executive summary, introduction, recommendations and conclusion – they all have separate functions within the assignment.