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Academic Integrity

Ashford University seeks to create a community of academic excellence through the highest levels of academic honesty, unique individual contribution, and integrity. Academic integrity is the ethical use of information, thoughts, and ideas from which we build original thought to contribute to the academic conversation. All Ashford students and alumni are expected to adhere to the standards of academic integrity. The University may address allegations of academic misconduct after a student has graduated, and will process allegations concerning alumni in the same manner it addresses allegations concerning current students. All students, staff, faculty, and administration are held to the highest standard of ethical, integral behavior at Ashford University at all times. Academic integrity includes several specific behaviors, including:

Personal Responsibility: Taking ownership for your educational activities and responsibility for choices and their consequences; 10/27/20, 8:03 PM Page 72 of 109

Student Responsibility: Ashford University students are expected to abide by the established Academic Integrity policy. Questions regarding expectations should be discussed with each course instructor, and academic integrity should be demonstrated in all coursework. Students are expected to also hold their peers to a high level of academic integrity within the classroom and all aspects of the University community.

Faculty Responsibility: It is the responsibility of all faculty to be familiar with the Academic Integrity policy. It is also the responsibility of the faculty to post in the course announcements their expectations regarding the academic integrity policy and outline it in detail for students as to how it relates to the work completed and the course learning outcomes.

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