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What do you think is our best hope of resolving our continuing difficulties with the budgetary process?

Politically put, solving a budgetary process would almost undoubtedly send the U.S. economy into a recessionary period. Americans are simple people. If the economy is in recession, then the leaders should be replaced by other leaders who can fix the issue. Along with the challenge of remaining in office, politicians must also work with their parties. The Democrats and Republicans’ main goal is to obtain and hold political power. If the Republicans decide that enough is enough and they will try to solve the budget, the country will likely proceed into recession, and then vote in more Democrats than Republicans the next election. The pros and cons of solving the budgetary process don’t add up in the political world. The cons highly outweigh the pros. If for some reason the Republican party did dissolve in the coming years, (more likely than Democrats dissolving), there may be a short window of opportunity for the Democrats as a single party to pursue solving a national debt.

Student 2 Post

What do you think is our best hope of resolving our continuing difficulties with the budgetary process?

           In Nice, (Chapter 11), it discusses about budget reform and two particular draw my attention.  First, on topic during 2007-2008 where we had a financial crisis especially with the subprime market and banks were failing.  Federal government exercised a bail-out plan so that banks avoided bankruptcy.  Second, on topic of State's item veto, where it described the power a state governor could exert on the proposal, and often viewed as having more power in budget decision than the President of the  United States.  Then in Rubin, it mentions a case when the Inspector General (IG) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) had difficulty obtaining "all documents" and had to seek further clarification on the term "all documents".

           My comment on all these 3 incidences is to question "what is going on?".  First, the bailout indulged the Wall Street financial institutions to double dip on both the federal aids and charging the homeowners' fee which in my opinion further complication of the shortage of housing in various big cities across the nation in preceding years even up to the current time.  Should the bailout offer a condition that all the properties be transferred to the Federal level, and serve as a community housing, city like San Francisco could and might receive a much better housing situation from 2013.  Second, the State's item veto power in my view is necessary, and it is in the hands of the voters to choose carefully with a better informed knowledge during election time.  Thirdly, in regards to the IG and DOJ's inability to acquire full document is absurdly disgusting and insulting to our rule of law society.  I think there needs to be a re-enforcement of rules in both the Federal and State levels, and be transparent as possible to the public with an encouraging act to allow more medias coverage from all walks of professional in a broad sense of journalism.

           The determination and the act of good faith from all levels of public office to address budget problem is vital and the value of integrity and trust must be restored for the American people in order to combat a long term financial struggle.