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Student 2:

(1) The furniture manufacturing functions are very disorganized. It is not clear how to best organize these functions. For example, the varnish and dye experts each use a different method to complete all of their tasks.

Bring in Fredrick Taylor to scientifically help determine the “one best way” to organize the furniture manufacturing process. Digital Taylorism can help break down the processes and make each step standardized with training, etc. (UMGC, 2021, Scientific management, para. 6)

(2) The production schedule is a mess. It is not clear which projects should be completed first in order to ensure products are being delivered to customers on time.

Introduce Henry Gantt to explain and utilize his Gantt chart process. The chart would analysis each process and help monitor product/delivery timelines. This will give an overview of the process from start to finish; specifically, the terminal element(s) to the summary (product delivered) element. (UMGC, 2021, Scientific management, para. 15)

(3) The lumberjacks, both in cutting trees down and shipping them by truck or boat, differ on the best methods to perform these tasks.

Recommend Frank and Lillian Gilbreth film the workers activities; allow the tasks to be broken down into different elements and determine how long each task takes. Ultimately, this will help determine the best workflow (prioritization) between cutting the trees and shipping them. (UMGC, 2021, Scientific management, para. 11)

(4) Tempers are flaring as a result of the disorganization. The office, clerical, and support workers are rude to each other and can’t seem to act as a cohesive work unit.

Bring in Mary Follett to explain informal processes within the Admin section, and how to better the work process through “expertise” authority. Additionally, have a one-on-one discussion with Alicia on integration and “group principles”; ensuring her understand of how managers and workers equally contribute. Lastly, provide constructive consultation on conflict resolution within the company, especially the support section. (UMGC, 2021, Humanistic management, para. 5)


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