due today..... child development...... please read first


Choose ONE of the following to add to your case study story. This is for the very last question…. Your special circumstance.

1. You are unhappy with the education your child is receiving at the local public school. The teacher seems stressed out, the class size is large, and your child just comes home with worksheet after worksheet, no meaningful work. What are your options? What would you do?

2. Your child has just been diagnosed with ADHD. What is ADHD? What can you do to help your child? Would you choose to medicate them? Or use behavior modification? What community resources would you access?

3. You and your spouse are having difficulties and are considering a divorce. How will this impact your child? What can you do to smooth the transition? What community resources would you access??

4. Your child is very overweight and is starting to get teased at school. What would you do? What should the school do about the teasing and bullying? How can you best help your child?

5. Your child is obsessed with video games and television and his/her grades are starting to suffer. What will you do? What kinds of limits will you set as parents?

6. The breadwinner in your family just lost their job. What will you do? How will this affect your child? How can you lessen the stressful effects of this?