AFP-1 Setting the Scene



Student's name: Emmanuel Domenech

Professor's name: Dr. Suzi Hundemer

Class: BEHS 343

Topic: Setting the Scene

Institution: University of Maryland University College


Your children are all adults and have moved out of the family home. Your youngest daughter is 24, a single parent, and has just asked to move back into your home because she has been laid off at work.

Date: June 2, 2019

Hello Susan, I hope this finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance on the case of my lastborn daughter Cynthia. As you may have heard, Cynthia became a victim of the recent downsizing Wall Mart had last month as part of their corporate strategy to lower the number of employees in South Africa. As a result, she is claiming that this is keeping her off balance economically as she has no capacity to cater her for her rent and feeding, and maybe support her extravagant lifestyle. She called last weekend suggesting that she should get back here in Texas and stay with us. I am, however worried about her suggestion.

Throughout my life, I have lived to value the aspect of self-reliance. It is a value I have tried my best to instill in all my children. Unfortunately, Cynthia seems to be the odd one out as others have worked their way out whenever they have found themselves in trouble. Self-reliance helps one to make a decision concerning one's life without having to rely wholly on others. I have been studying on how to inspire self-reliance on young ones, but all the suggestions seem unfit for my daughter. This includes severe talks with her taking her in self-management learning sessions organized annually in Dallas. All of these have, however, proved futile.

I, however, had a suggestion on how this problem can be solved. This involves the use of motivation to shape her thinking and attitudes. Under this arrangement, I am seeking to positively motivate her for every independent action or decision she makes to prompt her to make much more mental independence in her life and consequently make her reach more personally responsible decisions. Please let me know whether my suggestion is right and any other action I can take to solve the matter. I have valued your past advice and interventions in my family life.

This issue has not, however, happened to me and is only hypothetical, inspired by my reverence on the aspect of self-reliance.