Quantitative and Qualitative Summary (Abstract)


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Meets or Exceeds Expectations

Mostly Meets Expectations

Below Expectations

Does Not Meet Expectations

Type of Research: Quantitative Study

6.75 (4.50%) - 7.5 (5.00%)

Research is correctly and clearly identi!ed as quantitative.

5.7 (3.80%) - 6.675 (4.45%)

Research is not clearly identi!ed as quantitative.

4.5 (3.00%) - 5.625 (3.75%)

Research type is not identi!ed as quantitative.

0 (0.00%) - 4.425 (2.95%)

Research type is not identi!ed.

Research Questions & Hypothesis: Quantitative Study

13.5 (9.00%) - 15 (10.00%)

Research questions and hypotheses are mostly correctly identi!ed and stated.

11.4 (7.60%) - 13.35 (8.90%)

Research questions and hypotheses are partially correctly identi!ed and stated.

9 (6.00%) - 11.25 (7.50%)

Research questions and hypotheses are partially incorrectly identi!ed and stated.

0 (0.00%) - 8.85 (5.90%)

Research questions and hypotheses are incorrectly identi!ed and stated.

Name: NURS350-Summary (Abstract) of Study

Description: This rubric is used to evaluate the the abstract of a quantitative and qualitative research article in NURS350. The rubric is set up to score each research article (quantitative and qualitative) separately and provide one cumulative grade. For each research article, there are 6 categories to assess: type of research, research questions & hypothesis, sample, setting, !ndings, and mechanics.


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