Research proposal


Writing a Research Proposal Prepared by: Ms. Sukainah Al Khalaf 2016

Steps of Writing



Chapter 1:Literature Review (2100 words)

a) Introduction: the problem proposed to be studied is introduced in this section. (broad--narrow it down)

It should help the reader to acquaint with the topic and show the importance of the study or impact on the community or target group. Also, it should be short about 1-2 pages.

b) Literature Review: must show evidence of wide reading, analysis ynthesis.

-Evaluation of research findings by comparing the results of different studies nationally and internationally.

-Critique of literature (Strength & weakness)

c) Justification for the study.

Research Objectives:

-Should be clearly stated and should give an indication of the expected outcome of the research study

-The objective stated should be specific, achievable and measurable and presented in the appropriate order of importance

Research Aim(s) & Question:

-Wlile writing the aim (s): do not forget to use appropriate verb for your study design, make it clear, concise, include the dependent V & independent IV, sample and sitting

-The questions should be simple and directly invite an answer and help to focus attention on the kinds of data needed to provide that answer

Chapter 2: Methods (3300 words)

Design: the study design should be clearly stated

-The method must be justified and support your choice with evidence.

-Clearly identify the study design wheather quantitative or qualitiative or mixed method used

Setting& Population/Sampling

-Regarding the study sitting just identify the site where the research project will be undertaken.

Population: you should provide details of your choice of sampling technique with a rational to use this technique, sample size, as well as details about the participants (i.e. age, gender, etc) and do not forget to mention the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Data Analysis:

-Quantitative (statistical software;SPSS,specify the statistical tests)

Qualitative: model of analysis (coding, generating themes ....(

Data collection:

-Discussed the tool of collection in details

-write about how, where, and when data is to be collected & how long would it take to finish the questionnaire or interview

-Offere a sample of the data tool in the appendix

-Robustness of data collection methods: (validity and realibility for quantitative design, Trustworthness for qualitative design).

Ethical Consideration

-Ethical Approval

-How will you protect the right of the participants (ethical principles)

-Include the Participants Leaflet & Consent form in the appendix.

Pilot Study:

provide some details and the number of the sample in it.

Procedure of the main study:

-provides a step by step details of how the proposed study will be conducted


Chapter 3: Planning the Proposal (400 words)

Time scale & Budget

-Time-scale or time frame that you assume for the proposed study

-Prepare a realistic budget

Outcome of the study

-Discussed the expected outcomes

Give a short explanation of how the findings can be disseminated.

Abstract: (200-250 w)

summary of the proposal to get an idea about it. Make it intersting


-Participant Information Sheet

-Participant Consent Form

-Questionnaire or interview questions