Mexico/U.S. Border


All papers need to include references and be written in APA format o Refer to for APA formatting standards.

• All papers must include a well-designed cover page with document title, due date, date turned in, student name, year of schooling, name of institution, class name, instructor name;

• Students MUST include a formal table of contents/outline (following cover page) of your document using APA format.

• Refer to “The Path to Writing a Professional Document” within Blackboard for crucial tips to improve your documents.

Chapter 3: Reactions to the Hyperborder (Politics);

o 2 pages minimum

o Formal paper using APA format, include source

o Cover page

o Instructions continued on next page…

Write a summary of the article/video you are sharing, so that you may give an informed summary to the class before you present your piece. Within the paper, discuss the sociology concepts from Chapter 3: Reactions to the Hyperborder which relate to your topic. Also, use your sociological perspective to reveal your personal thoughts about the subject.

Load the internet link/presentation on your computer before class begins.

o the student will give a short introduction to the current event video/article/news piece with an explanation of how it relates to what we are studying using specific concepts as examples.

o student will give their sociological perspective on the subject, pose a good question

Your grade will be based on

• Introduced issue well: 10 points

•Quality of writing: 10 points

• Critical thinking applied: 10 points

• All instructions followed ( 2 full written pages (not including title, outline or reference pages): 10 points

• Cover page aesthetics and includes all required elements: 10 points

• Outline quality: 10 points

• APA style applied correctly to body of paper and reference page: 10 points

• Spelling and grammar: 10 points

• Critical thinking applied (mostly apparent in the conclusion): 10 points

• Good introduction and conclusion: 10 points

• All questions addressed: 10 points

• Good use of quality maps and images relating directly to the written discussions 10 points

• High quality sources (3 minimum sources): 10 points