Book Exersice


REL3851.E1 Family Relations

Read Balswick, Fourth Edition, Part 1 (chapters 1 and 2) and answer the following questions. Single space is acceptable, but leave a space between an answer and the next question.

1. Describe how the authors describe their use of the Bible as a foundation for family relations. Include what James Dunn calls “abuse of scripture.” Pages 3-4

1. What are Stuart McLean’s seven observations about the relational components of covenant? Page 6

1. Discuss the four stages of family growth relationships. Page 7-8

1. How do the authors explain the biblical concept of covenant? What makes it a good model for family relation? Are there flaws in this model? Pages 8-9

1. In what ways did Jesus teach his followers about unconditional and supportive love? Page 10

1. Explain the types of commitment in family relationships. Page 11

1. How do rules and regularity fit into a family structure rooted in grace? Page 12-13

1. How does empowerment in a family differ from the common application of power in society? Pages 13-16

1. Discuss “intimacy” in a covenant-based family. Page 17

1. Name and discuss hurting and healing behaviors. Page 18-21

1. What is the family-system theory? Explain the fundamental concepts. Pages 22-24

1. Explain the four levels of feedback in terms of family function. Pages 25-28

1. In your own words, reproduce and explain the stages, tasks, and initiating events of family development. Page 33, table 2

1. Discuss cohesion in strong and weak families. Pages 35-37

1. Discuss adaptability in strong and weak families. Page 38

1. Discuss communication in strong and weak families. Page 39-40

1. Discuss role structure in strong and weak families. Pages 40-41