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Otto Gerland, Der Polizeidienst bei städtischen Polizeiverwaltungen in Preussen (Berlin, 1895)

‘Police service for urban police departments in Prussia’ – this is an instruction manual containing fictitious cases for the purposes of instruction. As in the following case, the book also directs readers towards relevant (and real) legislation or regulations. SC.

Gerland, Instructions for Police Service

Case heard at Police headquarters in Hildesheim, 6th March 1895

In detention, Marie Plattenberg, unmarried, born on 13th May 1877 in Celle, in the district of Celle, resident here at 22 Goschen street, daughter of the construction worker Hermann Plattenberg and Auguste née Stanze in Celle. Of these the mother still lives in Celle, whilst the father died three years ago. The master tailor, Buchsbaum, became her legal guardian.

The detained, who has been convicted by the courts of prostitution on multiple occasions, has contracted syphilis and according to the police practices prostitution, and has been informed that she is therefore to be placed under police supervision.

She has been notified of the following regulations in force in this police precinct for securing public health, public order, and public decency.

A woman who has been placed under the supervision of the vice department, is subject to the following restrictions:

She is duty-bound to submit to medical examination, and for this purpose to present herself each week on Tuesdays at 10 am at the specified room in the hospital at the old Karthaus cloisters.

If she is found to be infected with a sexually transmitted disease, or indeed any contagious disease, she is to present herself for transfer to a sanatorium until she is cured

To be entered in the register for prostitutes under police surveillance

Personal details to be placed on file

Office for the registration of residents to be notified

Constables to be tasked with checking any potential change of abode by Marie Plattenberg

Local authorities of birth place to be notified of imposition of supervision by vice department

Police doctor to be notified

Notification of the relevant pastorates

Ensure receipt of photograph within 14 days

Hidesheim, 6th March 1895

Police department N.N.

Description of person

Physique: slim

Height: 1m 68cm

Hair colour: blonde

Eye colour: blue

Distinguishing features: mole on the left cheek.

3. It is forbidden for her to live in houses and streets other than those included in the list decided in this discussion.

In addition she is prohibited from living in taverns, or even for her to enter such places, for the purposes of prostitution. Living with persons who have been convicted of procuring, or suspected of this offence, or entering their living quarters, is also forbidden. A register of such forbidden premises is available at the police station for consultation at any time.

If one of the above restrictions applies, she shall be obliged to vacate the premises allocated to her within the period of notice authorised by the authorities.

4. It is not permitted for her to live with anyone of the male sex, or for her pimp to live with her, while she receives visits from men.

5. She may not live in a room or other sleeping place which faces on to the street, and must never show herself from a window looking out on the street in her own or other place of abode. She is prohibited from standing in a house doorway, or enticing men by calling, beckoning, coughing, hissing, or by placing signs in the windows etc. or in any way offending public decency.

6. She is to take care that her presence does not lead to any trouble, both in the house where she lives and in the neighbourhood.

Otherwise, following one unheeded warning, she is to follow police orders to leave the house within the stated period of notice.

7. Each time she moves accommodation she is personally to notify the police authorities within 24 hours.

8. If she wishes to travel without giving up her place of accommodation, she must first notify the police authorities in person of this, and the intended purpose of her journey and period of absence, before beginning her journey.

9. She must wear modest and respectable clothing. Striking jewellery or outfits are forbidden for occasions other than mascarades at private functions

10. In the city streets and squares her behaviour should be such that she in no way attracts the attention of others. She must not be seen in the company of women subject to the control of the police vice department or anyone convicted of procuring.

11. It is forbidden to loiter near churches, schools, educational institutions, army barracks and places which are frequently visited by persons in the military, and also to enter military premises. She is to have absolutely no contact with any minors of the male sex, pupils, or apprentices from civilian or military educational establishments.

12 . It is forbidden for her to visit museums and exhibitions.

In the case of theatrical or other similar performances, and in the case of circus shows, she is not permitted to sit in the boxes or front stalls and other seating of this class.

13. She is not permitted to make herself noticeably conspicuous in public houses, specifically in no way to entice men or pester them.

She is absolutely not permitted to smoke, yell or sing.

She is not allowed to remain in public houses after midnight.

14. Finally, it is not permitted for her to wander the city’s streets, squares, promenades and parks at night, namely between dusk and dawn.

Contraventions of this police order will be punished under § § 361, 6 and 362 of the German Imperial Criminal Code with imprisonment for up to six weeks. After serving their sentences convicted persons may also be placed in the custody of the state police authority, who may commit them to a workhouse for up to two years, or deploy them at work for the common good.

In addition she has been notified that she must provide a photograph of herself – of a likeness which meets police standards of quality – within 14 days from now, so that this may be placed on file. If she is not able to comply with this requirement, she shall be brought by the police to the photographer to have the picture taken.