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Based on the information provided about Jana, it is evident that she is not acquiring positive attention. Positive attention plays a fundamental role in the lives of children and the manner in which parents show their love for children or behave in their regular interactions makes a considerable impact on the growth of children. Positive attention presents several advantages such as developing need-based communication, increasing confidence, and building trust and security. Jana's mom is a single parent and she at times works from home during the summer in order to save money on childcare because she is extremely trying to make ends meet. Having a single parent as a child presents several disadvantages such as having difficulties in adjustment, loneliness, emotional problems, low parenting quality, and financial troubles.

The two developmental domains where Jana needs additional support are social and emotional development and cognitive development. This will enable Jana to start identifying what other people are feeling, create the capability to cooperate, show empathy and use moral reasoning. The cognitive domain consists of intellectual development and creativity (Alfonso, Engler, & Lepore, 2020). Jana will gain the capability to process thoughts, express creativity, understand her surroundings, develop memories, pay attention and also make, execute and accomplish plans. In order for Jana to develop her cognitive skills, she should be provided with the opportunity to play various games such as board games, puzzles, and blocks. Her mother should also create an environment in which the child will feel more comfortable and has several opportunities for free play.


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