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What are the three main branches of philosophy, one of which is    this course of ours?    What are they primarily concerned with, respectively, as a field of    philosophical inquiry?    Which one is "posterior" to which? ===================================================================    How are the two dominant normative moral theories (Kantian v.    Utilitarian) to be distinguished and applied in sorting out the    ethical options available from the states of affairs upon which we    are called to make a judgment?    Can you explain at least the minimalist set of three criteria in    terms of which the two schools of thought on morality can be    compared in a way that they are diametrically opposed to one    another? ===================================================================    In the case of "Extreme Measures," who represents a Kantian moral    value, and respectively an Utilitarian one? Explain your answer by    relating what you consider to be the essence of the two moral    theories and the two characters in clash.    Which side are you on?  Why? ===================================================================    In the case of "Yankee's Fan," which course of action is Kantian,    and Utilitarian, respectively, and why?    Which one do you think should be the moral choice, and why? ===================================================================    In the case of "A Sheriff," what is the Kantian option, and what is    the Utilitarian one? Explain your answer by identifying the kinds    of values that are at stake in each of the options presented in the    state of affairs.    What is the morally right thing to do? and Why? ===================================================================    If you've found yourself "inconsistent" (between being Kantian and    Utilitarian) with the above three cases of moral judgment, explain    and justify yourself in the best way possible.    If you have been "consistent" one way or the other, explain and    justify yourself as well. ===================================================================    When does a value become extrinsic or intrinsic?    What is the notion that the term "Summum Bonum" refers to?