Create an Outline from the attached Topic and Synopsis


Project Topic and Synopsis

Topic of the Team Project: Public Space Travel

Rationale: This topic was pick based on group interest. Space travel has been around since the 1960s. However, space travel has only been for professional, well trained astronauts. In recent years a few companies and entrepreneurs have started working on ways to allow the general public to travel in space. Tourism is already a huge money maker for individuals, cities, and even countries. The availability to send people to space for fun or as a means of transportation has the potential to generate a lot of income and jobs not only in the tourism industry, but also further our understanding of outer space and the universe we all live in.

Research Plan: Most of the informative information about space travel will come from peer reviewed sources through university library databases. Other information will come from websites like Virgin Galactic's; companies who plan to send the general public into space. The last kind of sources we will use are general new outlets, which will allow us to see how space tourism is viewed in the academic/scientific community compared to mainstream media.

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Project Plan: Below is a list of deliverables to complete the project. Some of them are directly tied to future weeks’ assignments, ensuring we maintain a timeline similar to that required by the class.