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November 02, 2019

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Project Name

Cooperative Milk Collecting Center (CMCC

Project Description

This project is aimed at helping the Dairy farmers to get easy access to the market as well as improve milk safety at the farm-level. The project will be particularly helpful and significant to the smallholder dairy producers.

The project is a partnership between my two friends and I. Furthermore, the project will facilitate several methods that will assist in the improvement of the milk safety especially in the small-scale dairying, this is because most of the farmers depend on their dairy products they get from their dairy animals to sell and at least earn a living from this activity. This project, therefore, will enable farmers to eradicate milk spoilage and will further improve the quality of the milk. The project is specifically aimed at solving Milk Spoilage Problem which I have observed happening for quite some years now. However, the result of the project will address the problem in a number of ways: the project will offer storage facilities for the Milk brought by the farmers, the project will facilitate transportation of the milk to the market on behalf of the farmer's et cetera.


The project aims to help farmers get a quick market for their dairy products since they will be supplying their milk to the collection center where the milk will then be sold on their behalf. Secondly, the project also aims at eradicating milk spoilage as storage facilities that will effectively store milk will be offered. Last but not least, the project intends to ensure the quality of the milk as a number of quality tests will be going on to ascertain the various milk components also check for bacteria, pathogens among other key factors that may result in milk danger.

Moreover, quality testing of the milk will be done at the collection center before the milk in stores and sold to the consumers. Quality testing will mainly focus to determine the microbial quality, water adulteration, as well as the presence of mastitis in the herd. Quality testing will provide a platform where the farmers will be given special advice regarding how they should take care of their dairy animals to ensure high and quality yields.

Project Outcome

The project will offer several services, the first service the project intends to offer is the milk storage services that will ensure milk does not go bad. According to the research I carried out, many farmers do not have milk storage facilities and since milk is not durable, as it only stays for hours and then goes bad so many farmers incur lose when the milk goes bad as they do not have storage facilities. The project intends to provide fridges that will assist in the storage and also other milk storage facilities.

Secondly, the project also will focus on selling milk on behalf of the customers. It is clear that many farmers are not able to get access to a quick market and this is the main reason why most of their dairy products go bad. Since we have a direct link with the National Milk Corporation, we intend to collect milk from the farmers and sell to the National Milk Corporation immediately we get from the farmers, this will ensure a quick market and also the milk won’t stay for long before getting to the market.

Project Benefits

Several tangible benefits that will be obtained as a result of the project include: Moreover, the project is likely to create a number of job opportunities, this is because some people will have to be employed to offer a number of services as the project. Besides, we as the project owners will also earn some income since the farmers will be charged a certain but affordable amount for the services offered. For every service offered, we shall be charging a specific amount, this amount will help in expanding as well as improving the services that the project will offer.

Several intangible benefits that are likely to arise as a result of the project include: Farmers will get instant market for their dairy products and this will save them market search cost, time that they could waste while searching for the market. usually, the farmers will only be supplying their milk to the collection centers and then wait for payment.

The project will also save the farmers the storage space considering the fact that once they produce their milk, they supply it to the collection center. Also, this will not only save their storage space but also relieve them of a number of risks that could happen. Moreover, other indirect benefits are likely to occur such as improvement of the economy as well as the living standards of the farmers among other benefits.

Estimated Start and Finish Dates

This project has to take only four months until completion, the setting up of the project will begin on 3rd October 2019 and by the 2nd of February 2020, the project will start offering the intended services.

However, the assumption regarding the dates is that we shall be preparing the project every day. This will ensure that all necessary resources that are required are assembled. However, some challenges are likely to be experienced, such as insufficient finances to purchase required resources, bad weather may also affect the installation of the project among other challenges.

Resource Requirements

The project will require several resources for effective goal achievement, the resources will include both human and non-human resources. Human resources will include the Employees who will offer a number of services, employees will handle the milk and put it where it is required as the farmers deliver to the collection center. Furthermore, they also are involved with directing farmers where to put their items when they come to the collection center. Other employees will also be responsible for recording the farmers’ information such as the quantity of milk delivered, their personal information et cetera. Cleanliness will also be offered by other employees.

Several non-human resources will also be required, they include finances that will be used to purchase various facilities required for the project for instance fridges among other essential facilities. Particularly, the project will require stores, water and electricity supply among other key resources. The utilization of these resources will enable the provision of quality services.

Estimated Funding Requirements

This project is likely to cost a large amount of money considering all the facilities required to ensure an effective project. moreover, the cost of these facilities is also high. Some of the facilities required are as shown in the table below.


cost per facility

total cost

20 Mechanical Refrigeration or Cooling Tanks



General Facilities


Other Expenses


In summary, the total Budget of the Project is estimated to be $240,000


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NOVEMBER 02, 2019