Problem Solution Essay


ENGL 102 Department of Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies Bowie State University

Problem/Solution Essay Assignment Instructions

You will build from the research and analytical skills you developed thus far to identify a problem and advocate for a way to address, solve, or resolve that problem. Identify an audience who can benefit from and participate in the solution your proposal addresses. In other words, think of who is impacted or needs to know about this problem and solution and how best to reach that audience. Your starting point is to identify something you feel, with good reason, should be changed. Next, argue that a certain action (or series of actions) should be taken to respond to or resolve that problem. In setting forth your plan for addressing/resolving the problem, you will argue for it using organizational strategies such as cost/benefit, steps, or comparison/contrast. Your essay should also address questions of feasibility. Design your proposal in a format appropriate to a professional setting, including strategies like subheadings, graphs or charts to make data clearer, including relevant images, or featuring textboxes to highlight important information. See the sample proposals provided. First identify a problem and brainstorm solutions. You can take your cues from the course theme, the readings included in the textbook, and group discussions. Your proposal will:

• articulate your position or definition of a problem;

• explain who is impacted;

• argue for a specific solution/solutions to the problem;

• lay out a clear step-by-step implementation of the solution.

Process: Before proceeding with your work on the assignment you must present your topic and text for your instructor’s review and explain what makes this text an interesting subject in a 1-page Statement on Planned Research (HWK 8). The topic must be approved by your instructor. Doing research is fundamental to putting together an effective paper. To this end you must conduct research on your topic and develop an Annotated Bibliography of at least four sources (see HWK 9). The bibliography can be changed in the final paper, but the annotated bibliography text you submitted will be a graded assignment separate from your essay assignment. Support from these sources is required in your essay. As you are drafting, consider how you are supporting your claims about the problem. Refer to specific material from sources (using quotes and other concrete details) as evidence for your explanation of the problem and proposal for a solution. At the same time, consider the balance between description and analysis in your writing. Describe the problem and analyze it in order to make your argument that it should be solved in the way(s) you have identified. Consider carefully the organization and coherence of your piece. Develop clear paragraphs that support your thesis. After drafting, revise and edit the Final Draft. You will give and get feedback for this assignment in a workshop (see dates on syllabus). It is essential you incorporate feedback (from peers, from the SVWC, or Smartthinking) at this step off the process based on two completed Feedback Sheets.

ENGL 102 Department of Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies Bowie State University Format: Your final draft should be at least 5 pages long (at least 5 pages of writing—images, charts, graphs etc. strengthen your argument but do not count in the page minimum), not counting the bibliography page (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins). When citing your source(s), follow MLA or APA format. Steps: 1) Statement of Planned Research (HWK 8) 2) Annotated Bibliography (HWK 9) 3) Draft 4) Feedback in Workshop and 2-Completed Feedback Sheets 5) Final Draft Submission: Submit your essay as a Microsoft Word document using the assignment tool on Blackboard by the date specified in the syllabus. Keep all materials from developing the essay—you will need them later for the final assignment in the course. Assessment: Refer to the rubric provided for details on how your essay will be assessed. Read it before submitting so you can make sure you’re meeting requirements.