Oral Presentation Guidelines

You have chosen a piece of public art or a public monument to research. As you are completing your research paper, put together a short presentation for your classmates to share on our final day together, Sunday, May 5.

A. Use the same piece of public art / public monument that you chose for your research paper

B. Complete your research, following the directions on the handout “Research Paper Individual”

C. Prepare an oral presentation to be delivered to the class that covers at least:

a. A detailed description of the piece using formal analysis

b. Historical context

c. Relevant political, social, or cultural context

d. Relevant art theoretical responses

e. Where appropriate, responses of the public, loosely defined

D. Practice your presentation so that your classmates benefit from the information that you share.

E. Keep this at a “high level” – the presentation should be between 4 and 5 minutes, not shorter and not longer.

Presentation format:

If you wish to prepare PowerPoint slides, you may, but multiple slides are not required. The class MUST see at least one image of the piece you have chosen, which is best presented using PowerPoint. You have seen me do this in class; putting up one slide of the piece is all you need to do. If you wish to show multiple views, that is also encouraged and welcome. Consider how best to show us the piece you have chosen.

Your Knowledge:

You should be prepared to answer any questions or reply to comments made by your classmates.