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The law 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley is a federal law that establishes general rules for auditing and financial regulations for public companies. Lawmakers created the law to protect shareholders, employees and the public against accounting errors and fraudulent financial practices. An early commitment to compliance with SOX benefits businesses by giving them a feeling of internal control that mitigates the growing pains. More effective and efficient operations lead to better audit results. With a better internal audit, external auditors have a more efficient process. A more efficient process for external auditors reduces overall audit costs and the time required for employees to respond to the results of external audit reports.

The benefits of SOX compliance are an audit, auditor, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors. In addition, an automated platform as ZenGRC facilitates the management of audits. By default, compliance with SOX benefits companies asking them to assess their starting points and their risks each year. This means that the controls cannot be random. It also requires that organizations begin by adopting a streamlined approach to risk integrating several areas, SOX seeks primarily to regulate the financial information and other business practices of listed companies. However, certain provisions apply to all companies, including private companies and nonprofit organizations.