community health


Learning Assignment 4: CDC Grand Rounds

Due: 5/14 by 11:59 PM via file submission on Canvas

Assignment Instructions: Please use this template to answer all questions. Type answers directly on this form. Each response must be thoughtful and detailed in order to receive full credit. A grading rubric has been provided. If you are not considering Public Health as a career, please respond to this assignment in regards to the Public Health area/topic/population that interests you most or might be the most relevant to your specific area of study.

I. Name of the CDC Grand Rounds video you watched:

II. In your own words, please summarize the video. This summary should include key points, who presented, etc.; you must clearly demonstrate that you watched (and paid attention to) the video in its entirety. This response should be approximately one-half of a page in length (single-spaced).

III. Describe three new/interesting things you learned from the video and explain why you thought each thing was interesting. Each response should be at least 2 complete sentences in length.




IV. Describe why you chose to watch this video in at least 3 complete sentences. For instance, is the topic of personal relevance to you? Is the topic something you wish to pursue as a career?

V. Please conduct further online research on the topic of the video and identify one possible Public Health job that might be related to the topic of the video. This Public Health job must be attainable with just a Bachelor’s degree (rather than a graduate degree). You may use any job search website (i.e., Indeed, Idealist) or look directly on an organization’s website for a list of open positions.

1) Job title/position:

2) Name of agency/organization where this job would work:

3) Required/preferred training/education/certifications/experience (be detailed and list all required and preferred qualifications for this job):

4) Source where you obtained this information (i.e., URL):

5) Describe how this job is related to the CDC Grand Rounds video you watched in at least 2 complete sentences:

VI. At this time, what are your career goals? These do not have to be Public Health-oriented or related to the CDC Grand Rounds video you watched. If you are unsure, describe career options you may be considering. Please respond in at least 3 complete sentences.

VII. Describe one thing you learned in this class that has helped you get closer to your career goals. This can be information on a topic we covered; a skill you gained; a new career option you learned about; etc. Please be detailed and concrete, and respond in a minimum of 3 complete sentences.

VIII. Please set two goals that you hope to realistically achieve next semester (Fall, 2021) that will help you work towards your career-related goals. These goals can include things like becoming a SHAC volunteer, attending one campus event, visiting a specific faculty’s office hours, etc. Describe each goal and explain why this is important in helping you achieve your career-related goals. Please be detailed and concrete, and respond in a minimum of 2 complete sentences per goal.