Create a chart that outlines cumulative costs for the project over a set time period- budget and actual. Be able to explain how to interpret this chart


Project Overview

Pooch Pacer is the innovative accessory made to bring harmony back to your walks. It identifies when your dog is pulling on their leash, emits a small beep just loud enough for you and your dog to hear, and reminds you both to reset and readjust. You dog will learn in no time to walk by your side, so you can enjoy stress-free, peaceful walks.

And best of all: Pooch Pacer is completely harmless. 

We recognize the need for a device which combines harmless, gentle auditory cues with automation and positive reinforcement, and that's why we created Pooch Pacer

Project Deliverables/Scope

Easy to use

Hands Free


Light weight and strong

Suitable for all dog types

Long-Lasting battery

Project Constraints

The rapid evolution in technology and changes in customer needs and expectations have increased the launching of new products and has made the markets for e-collars highly competitive.

Our competition has continuously been growing with more and more industries introducing products which compete with our product offerings, with most of these industries possessing significantly more resources. than us.

At the current time, the biggest obstacle is cost. Trying to bring the manufacturing cost down by increasing batch size and improving turnaround time.

Potential Risks

Currently working with a prototype, which means there are some tweaks we may need to make, such as the volume of the auditory cues emitted by Pooch Pacer.

Due to COVID-19, manufacturing and shipping times may be extended. We will be completely transparent throughout the entire process, providing many updates.

There is no any sort of instruction guide yet for how to use this to the best effect.

Low investment in R&D than other players, not highly successful at integrating firms with different work culture, limited success outside core business.

Laws and liability claims in different countries, limitation of counterfeit and low-quality product.

Project Team

Team Member Roles Involved
Product Director Maintains the Executive/Strategic Business Requirements at the highest level, the long-term roadmap - big feature items
Product/Platform Manager Maintains the Product Backlog required to deliver on the Business Roadmap
Release Manager Work with Product Manager to plan the Release Deliveries
Agile Product Owner Work in unison with Product Managers & Release Manager to flesh out the detailed requirements
Scrum Master Work with various component teams to deliver on the component requirements
Feature Owner maintain consistency of features across platforms and across product-variants


Project Stakeholders


Dog owners

Supply chain

Project management

Research & Development

Quality management



End Users

Integrated product team

Project Schedule

End to End schedule – 24 months(First product sale)

Concepting and prototyping – 4 to 6 months

Detailed product development – 6 to 10 months

Testing and approvals – 3 to 5 months

Marketing strategies and product launch – 3 to 4 months


Project Budget

Using a top-down approach, we estimate the top level budget for the project to be $500K.

Detailed budget breakdown will be included at a later stage

Budget estimate would be done considering various factors material cost , labor cost about 6400$.

Operating costs and the testing would be included at a later stage.


Project Communication

Communication Frequency Goal Owner
Project Status Report Weekly Review project status and discuss potential delays Product Manager
Team standup meet Daily Discuss what each team member did yesterday and will do today and any blockers Product Manager
Task progress updates Daily Share daily progress on project task Product Manager
Project Review At milestones Present project deliverables, gather feedback and discuss next step Product Manager    
Post meeting At end of the Project Assess what worked and what not, discuss actionable takeaways Product Manager


Acceptance/Success Criteria

The product is tested for all the characteristics

Such as the beep loud enough for the owner and the dog

Adjustable length , material as described in the description.

Attaches to the collar leach . flexibility check.