lab for astronomy AST 111 (Parallax Lab) DUE TODAY !!


Parallax Lab Data Sheet


1. Record your “known” height of the doorway (in either cm or inches - make sure to record the units you use!)

2. Record the distance you select along the floor (horizontally from the door) in cm or inches, but make sure that you use the same units you used in (1.) above for the height of the doorway.

3. Record the parallax angle on your data sheet. Perform this three times and record the angle each time.

4. Find the average of these three angles and record the average value for the angle.

5. Calculate the doorway height using the equation below and record the value.

6. Since you did not lie on the ground to measure the angle, you will have to add the height to your eye level to the calculation in the previous step to get the actual height of the doorway. Do this, and then record your final experimental value for the doorway height. 

7. Calculate the percent difference between this value and the value calculated in the previous step

8. Discuss any sources of error in this experiment. What could you have done differently to improve the accuracy of your result?