Topic Set #2 with videos to watch to write at least a FULL 2-page position paper that includes ALL of the links in the set. Both sets cover topics from our 4 th set of chapters on waste management, energy production, and mining. Your response paper must be double-spaced, 12-point font. If you add images and tables, they should be at the end of the paper as an appendix. Please include: name, class name, assignment number, and title/number of your topic, along with the references used and headers.

Topic Set #2: Video Shorts: These focus on waste management and recycling

· Bangalore, India is drowning in household trash. What is causing the problem? What are some of the solutions they are trying to implement? Can the U.S. learn anything from them?


· China recently stopped importing the world’s waste for recycling. This has ramifications for our recycling programs here. Was China right in doing this? Should the U.S. start investing in factories here that turn trash into new products? Should our government get involved to help spur on new recycling industries? (our government seems to get involved in other things)


· Private enterprise and government entities are trying to invent new ways of recycling plastic and to create new plastic that is not petroleum based and degrades. What are some of these efforts? Are they worth the effort? Would you like to see more done with the plastic problem? Would you be willing to pay a few cents extra for degradable non-petroleum plastic products?