Rip Van Winkle and Anton Rosicky

Creating an Outline for Option 2

Instructions: Write complete sentences to fill in the items below.



· Establish the topic

· Identify the film you are analyzing

· End with a clear thesis statement

Rip Van Winkle and Neighbor Rosicky are two amazing short stories written by Washington Irving and Willa Cather respectively. Both stories highlight some key components in the characters life. Neighbor Rosicky is about a Czech national journey to the United States and how is health affect his life. Rosicky takes family very important and likes working on his farm but with heart problem was forced to state on the sidelines. In Rip Van Winkle is about Rip and his family life and how he would do anything to escape his wife. While Rip loves his wife he was a little afraid of her and left for the woods and never returned until 20 years later. Rip Van Winkle and Anton Rosicky have a lot of differences but the similarities are very important and help to give a clear picture of each character. The similarities include their sense of adventure, Relationship with others and conflicts/ Trials face.

Thesis Statement (fill in the blanks for one of the thesis statements on the right):

While some differences between Rip Van Winkle and Anton Rosicky are evident, they are similar in the aspects of Relationship with others, Sense of Adventure and Conflicts/Trials Face.

Body Paragraphs: This is where you will develop each of the points in your thesis statement.

Body Paragraph 1: Elaborate on the first point in your thesis statement

Topic Sentence: Relationship with Others

Detail 1: Rosicky is well respected in his community and others look up to him like his daughter in law

Detail 2: Rip is very good to everyone in the village and his helpful to everyone. The housewives loved him and so did the children.

Detail 3: Both Rip and Rosicky were considerate of others and love to help.

Concluding Sentence: Rip Van Winkle and Anton Rosicky both were from communities that makes relationship important for them. While both were known for different things, they both had a relationship with different members. Rip had a relationship with all the housewives and the children and Rosicky had with different member of his community like the doctor and even his daughter in law.

Quote(s) you will use to support this point: "The children of the village too will shout with joy when he approach"( Irving, 1819, p. 517)

" he didn't know another farm house where a man could get such a warm welcome, and such strong coffee with rich cream" (Cather, 1928, p. 695)

Body Paragraph 2: Elaborate on the second point in your thesis statement

Topic Sentence: Sense of Adventure

Detail 1: Rosicky knows all about travel because he had done it all his life and there was always an unexpected situation

Detail 2: Rip was able to experience an adventure when he met the guy in the woods and follow him to what seemed like a party.

Detail 3: Rip went in the woods to get away from his wife and woke up 20 years later with no memory and was given the task of finding home

Concluding Sentence: Both Rip and Rosicky had an adventure of some sort while they were too completely experience they both had a story to tell.

Quote(s) you will use to support this point:

"After his grandfather died, he went back to live with his father and step mother, but was she very hard on him, and his father helped him to get passage to London". (Cather, 1928, p. 702).

"Ah, poor man, his name was RipVan Winkle, it's twenty years since he went away from home with his gun". (Irving, 1819, p. 525)

Body Paragraph 3: Elaborate on the third point in your thesis statement

Topic Sentence: Conflicts/ Trials Faced

Detail 1: Rosicky's trial came when he found out about his health issues and had to re arrange his whole life to fit.

Detail 2: Rip struggled with his wife's nagging and what to do in regards to it. He was afraid to go home because of that

Detail 3: Rosicky died and Rip disappeared.

Concluding Sentence: Both trials were different but Rip was actually able to talk about what he remembered while Rosicky wasn't so fortunate.

Quote(s) you will use to support this point:

"Poor rip was at last reduced almost to despair, an his only alternative to escape from the labor of farmm and clamour of his wife, was to take the gun in hand and stroll away into the woods"(Irving, 1819, p. 519)

"Chust to take it easy like, an 'stay round de house dis winter" (Cather, 1928, p. 699)



Summarize the main points in the body paragraphs and paraphrase your thesis.

In conclusion Rip Van Winkle and Anton Rosicky both have the a lot in common when it comes to relationship with others, sense of adventure and conflicts/ trials faced. Rosicky's daughter in law looked up to him for guidance and he was loved by her and Rip was loved by the housewives and the children of the village. Rip disappeared and Rosicky died, even though the struggles faced are different there were alot of similarites in there lives.