Learning Plan Template ((Need it in 5 hours))

Operationalizing the Health Education Standards


Identify and describe a learning activity for your topic.

1. Comprehend concepts

-Give a presentation on how you get Asthma and how to treat it

-Show examples of people when body effected by the sun

-Give on how lack of sleep hurts you

comment: Isn't this more medical in nature?

2. Analyze the influences of…

-Look at for asthma treatment and watch the patient

-Talk about tanning beds and ask what and why it is bad

-Look and read sleeping pills and see what or why they are needed

comment: Wouldn't this be information based? See standard 1.

3. Access valid information

Find online website for all them find facts that one or groups attention for people

4. Interpersonal communication

Hand out questions to people on if my think asthma, sun-safety and sleep one true dangers

Comment: I'm not sure what you want them to do? What questions?

5. Demonstrate Decision Making Skills

Example to people what things have been connected to treat to innless of asthma, help sleep problems

6. Demonstrate Goal Setting Skills

Students; people; to find other options for treatment for people suffering from the problems

Comment: So.. what's the goal?

7. Practice Health Enhancing Behavior

Give each person a chance to think about if they have done any things that would be un health smoking, tanning, or not sleeping

Comment: What behavior is being practiced here?

8. Advocate for Personal Health

Make a that takes makes it easy for everyone to understand the negative things that come from all things used below:

Comment: What?

Group topic: Asthma, Sun-Safety, and sleep