1-3 difficult situations


OL 125


Module One Scenario

Difficult Situations

Meet the Managers

Jane is a sales manager in an organization that has historically been successful, but has recently experienced significant turnover and a downturn in sales, possibly due to the number of new, inexperienced salespeople on the team.

Larry is another manager in the office. Jane and Larry have slightly different management roles, but they share responsibility for the performance of the team.

Discontent in the office

After a particularly long and stressful commute in the rain, Jane walks into her office on Monday morning to find an overwhelming sense of discontent.

Some employees are by the coffee machine whispering, while others are glued to their computer screens vigorously typing instant messages to each other.

What’s Going On?

On the other side of the room, Samuel and James are in Larry’s office laughing loudly. Jane wonders what might be going on. She walks by Sue, who looks like she has been crying.

New Bonus Plan

Not wanting to disturb her, Jane turns on her computer in the hopes of shedding some light on what may have happened this morning to result in such discontent.

She opens her email and finds a message from Larry outlining his new bonus plan for salespeople. As she reads the plan, Jane begins to understand the scenario.

Need to Talk

Larry has created a bonus plan that seems custom-made for Samuel and James, but given the new team members lack of tenure to date, they do not have the contacts or skills to qualify for the bonus in the near future. Jane knows that she needs to talk with Larry about how this bonus plan came about, but she has no idea where to start.


Consider the following: Jane knows that she must talk with Larry about the bonus plan and the effect that it is having on employees other than Samuel and James, but she has no idea where to start. In thinking about your personality assessment, how might you be most comfortable in communicating with Larry? What would you say to him?

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