week 1 -505


Power Point Presentation

Area of Interest

By Yahima Montero

During nursing practice, it is essential to identify a personal area of interest with regards to research. A personal area of interest offers a nurse with the impetus and opportunity to identify problems and to seek for plausible solutions and evidence.

This can be achieved through:

Discussion of Evidence-based projects and Models.

Identification and discussion of specialty track.

Discussion of an issue related to the area of Interest.

Recommendations for positive change

Internal and External factors that can influence positive change.

Discussion of AACN essentials and EBP

Solid conclusion



It is essential for master’s prepared nurses to conduct evidence-based research and projects, which have been found as effective in facilitating realization of positive patient outcomes and achievement of the goals of nursing care and health care organizations. The specialty track of choice that will be discussed in detail in this power point presentation is the executive track, and the AACN Master’s Essentials that address an evidence-based project related to the executive specialty track. Ideally, nurse executives assist health care organizations in the fulfillment of their missions through effective communication and leadership and through promotion of the utilization of EBP in nursing care in addition to helping other nurses advance in their nursing education to provide best possible nursing care. one of the issue that will be discussed with regards to the specialty track of choice is patient safety. This issue is of personal concern since it may impact positively or negatively on patient outcomes and treatment goals. Moreover, the internal and external factors that influence positive change in regard to patient safety will be delineated and discussed. Finally, recommendations for appropriate positive change in the area of patient safety will be offered …