Discussion: Applying Performance Improvement Tools


Strategies and Interventions

1/14/2014 Training on the importance of patient satisfaction monitoring

4/1/2014 Lecture on pain and pain management

6/12/2014 Use of comprehensive pain assessment tool reviewed in an ISE

8/2/2014 Journal club on R5N reviewed an article on pain management

10/10/2014 EMR data on pain assessment reviewed in QI team

1/15/2015 Data on pain management satisfaction posted on unit

3/1/2015 EMR data on pain medication effectiveness reviewed in QI team

5/15/2015 QI team meets with staff to strategize; determined to use IHI rapid cycle

improvement model with iterative PDSA

6/30/2015 Annual pain lecture: emphasis on the elderly use of NSAIDS, pain

management, & polypharmacy

7/15/2015 EMR data on pain medication effectiveness documentation shows

improvement for one month

8/30/2015 ISE on the importance of patient teaching on pain management

9/1/2015 ISE on attitudes toward addiction in the elderly (poorly attended by staff)

9/30/2015 Data on comprehensive pain assess, doc of pain meds and patient

satisfaction, compiled in run charts for the unit

10/15/2015 ISE on attitudes offered with ANCC contact hours; 100% attendance on


12/28/2015 QI team summarizes strategies, progress at year end with unit nursing


1/22/2016 Data on comprehensive pain assessment, doc pain meds effective shows

improvement on these

3/1/2016 Nursing unit claims victory on improved patient satisfaction with pain