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Comm 205 SPR 2021 PRINT news writing assignment – OOC Ten percent of your final grade

/100 You’ve been taught all of the elements you’re being asked to do here. In the ZOOM meeting and in the portal. Review the material before you attempt this.

Part #1 (/25)

Format these quotes correctly (ICO/IPO) — quotation marks and attribution (5 marks per sentence)

1. My work shift began at 2 p.m. Said the worker.

2. You cannot eat inside the restaurant. Said the health officer. You are allowed only to eat on the patio. Or you can take-out your meal.

3. The fire truck is blocking the street. Said the driver. I cannot get around it.

4. I ate lunch at 11. I had a salad. Said the girl.

5. I take my studies seriously. I study hard. Said the student. I finish my work before deadline.

Part #2 (/65)

1. Re-write (yes, rewrite, not just copy and paste) these sentences into a news story using the inverted pyramid writing style of ordering elements. Be sure to include ALL three quotes (she said) in the content by placing them where they belong depending on the inverted pyramid. /30

2. Use the proper quotes formatting for the three quotes (she said) ICO/IPO. /20

3. You must have at three paragraphs of at least one to three sentences each. Proper spelling, punctuation and a headline. /10

4. Use the proper age formatting. /5

Vancouver will be the site of simultaneous Stop Anti-Asian Hate rallies across Canada.

Karmina Cordero, an anti-Asian hate advocate from Burnaby, said the rally will be held on Sunday.

She is 24-years-old.

Last week, Vancouver Police said there has been a 717 per cent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020 compared to 2019.

For the first time ever, Cordero said she’s felt unsafe especially reading statistics and headlines over the past few months.

People will be gathering outside the Vancouver Art Gallery around 2:00 p.m.

She said: I think the local rally is a great opportunity for people of Asian descent and allies. We hope to see anyone who wants to speak against the rise of hate crimes impacting our community.

She said: I truly believe this is a chance to really bring a community together. We’re all part of the city, we’re multicultural. That’s what really makes up Canada.

She said: I’m just staying home — kind of like a birdcage feeling. I just don’t want to be out there because I just don’t know when and what will happen.

Part #3 (/10)

1. You must submit your MS Word file properly – in the following format - as an attachment in turnitin: firstnamelastname_assignment name_date. File labeling example: karentankard_ethics_010521 /10