Lab 2 - Assessment Worksheet

Using Wireshark and NetWitness Investigator to Analyze Wireless Traffic Course Name and Number: ________________________________________________________________ Student Name: ________________________________________________________________ Instructor Name: ________________________________________________________________ Lab Due Date: ________________________________________________________________

Lab Assessment Questions

1. Which tool, Wireshark or NetWitness, provides information about the wireless antenna strength during a captured transmission?

2. Which tool displays the MAC address and IP address information and enables

them to be correlated for a given capture transmission? 3. What is the manufacturer-specific ID for the GemTek radio transmitter/receiver?

4. The receiver and/or transmitter address is hard-coded in hardware and cannot be changed; it can always be counted on to correctly identify the device transmitting. True or False?

5. What is the actual web host name to which is resolved? 6. How can one determine that the website is in Italy? 7. Which IP address is for

8. Which destination organization is the owner of record of

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